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Avalon, New Jersey

For more information: (609) 967-3936

Located north of the Wildwoods, Avalon juts out one mile more into the ocean than its neighboring resorts and has given itself the motto "Cooler by a Mile."

Avalon Street. Gif

A quiet community in both the summer, and off seasons, you will find a quiet relaxing atmosphere for peaceful vacationing in this quaint community of mostly residential homes.
Avalon Boardwalk. Gif

The Boardwalk is a mixture of small shops and homes that does not seem "out of place in its natural settings." Access to the beach from the roads in Avalon is through a series of carefully planned walkways that help preserve the natural sand dunes and plant life located along the beach.

Avalon Boardwalk. Gif

Because of the splendid natural setting and pride that Avalon residents show in their community, Avalon is one of the better vacation destinations. For a relaxing get-a-way different from other shore communities, which may be faster paced, Avalon offers a beautiful setting that will let you unwind away from the fast-paced modern day world.

Avalon Beach. Gif

The shore line of Avalon is a beautiful natural setting, which will take you to the shores of yesteryear. You can just imagine being surrounded by natural beauty during the stroll to the beach, and then being greeted by a beautiful surf and sandy beach to spend a relaxing day. For a more active Vacation in Avalon, this community is known for its large sport fishing fleet, or try your luck from the jetties and piers. Which ever you prefer, Avalon offers some of the best fishing in Cape May County.

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